One of the downsides to buying or owning a property here in Puglia is the possibility that parts of it are illegal. We find that when applying for planning permission for a project, around 75% of the properties have something that is not registered correctly which prevents the planning process going ahead before the problem is resolved.

These are generally buildings or extensions that were not registered correctly before the property was purchased or more concerningly, work that the existing owners have had done since they purchased the property and which they thought had been done legally by the agent, geometra or builder. It is an unpleasant surprise to find that your swimming pool or the extension you had added was never correctly registered at the comune and as such is illegal.

If you want to sell the property or would like to open another project then these issues need to be resolved before you can go ahead so it is always worth checking that your property is legal.

We offer all our management clients a free property check to find out what the current status of their property is and what work, if anything, needs to be done to legalise any discrepancies between what is registered with the comune and what is actually in situ.

With the introduction of the new CIS code it is increasingly important to ensure that you holiday home is correctly registered in accordance with the current regulations. It is also essential that all guests are registered on their arrival and that relevant visitors taxes are paid to the comune. In the past many owners have overlooked these requirements but now that all rental properties have to be registered with the CIS code they must ensure that these regulations are followed.
Our office team are ready to help you with registering your property correctly and subsequently ensuring your guests are registered on their arrival.

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We offer a range of property management services and we are fully registered at the camera di commercio with our P.IVA. Our offices are in Locorotondo and we manage properties within a limited distance which ensures we can provide a swift response to emergencies when required. We have an in house team who can help from everything from registering for the new CIS code, helping with residency applications to organizing a pizza evening for your guests. Our management packages are designed to cover all eventualities from fully managed and maintained to just Meet and Greets with emergency cover.

All our managed properties to our guest services package which includes pizza chefs, pasta making afternoons, wine tasting, private chefs, taxi services to name a few.

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Property management isn’t just about meet and greets, gardening and swimming pools. Your management company should be able to help you with all aspects of your property as well as your personal requirements to help you ensure that having a second home over here is as stress free as possible. A visit to the comune to try and resolve problems with your TARI payments or organise your residency can be a daunting experience without someone who know what they are doing by your side.

Will your management company cover all your needs?

  • Residency applications
  • Enel upgrades and queries
  • Gas supplier changes
  • Vigilante services
  • Acquedotto services
  • IMU and Tari payments
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Property registration
  • CIS codes
  • Guest registrations
  • Planning applications
  • Illegal building resolutions
  • EU grants and schemes

Our English speaking office team are here to help and support our owners to make everything as simple as it possibly can be.

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Puglia Pools is trying to find homes for these abandoned dogs which all have good temperaments and are all very friendly. We already have two abandoned dogs and four abandoned cats living with us and don’t have any more room. We are also trying to help the lady who rescues these dogs to raise funds for the upkeep and veterinary bills which has cost her a small fortune over the years. Please share this post if you know anyone who is interested in helping out or would like to adopt one of these dogs.