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Foods of Puglia

Puglia has been an agricultural region for thousands of years, it now produces nearly half of Italy’s olive oil and a large percentage of its wine. Apart from olives and wine large areas are farmed for crops and livestock, many locals still cultivate their own land to feed their families.
Puglia saw the start of the slow food movement and the Puglaise are passionate about local food, the restuarants, shops and markets take great pride in supplying local produce.
The pasta of Puglia is orecchiette, little ear-shaped shells made from durum wheat flour, water and salt, there are no eggs in the pasta of Puglia. Classic sauces for orecchiette include ragu, cime de rape (similar to broccoli), meatballs and brasciole, rolls of meat filled with parsley, and grated pecorino.

Local Recipes

Below are a few recipes for typical local dishes from Puglia, we add a new delicious dish every month. If you have a favourite you would like to see, or a recipe to share please email Graham with the details. You can sign up to our monthly newsletter to get each recipe delivered on the day it’s published, plus get all the latest news and offers from the team at Perfect Puglia.