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As well advertising your holiday rental property here in Puglia depending on your location we can also help you with all aspects of holiday home management. We can control making your bookings, organising all the relevant information being sent to your guests through to meeting them at their holiday villa and looking after them through their stay. The presentation and up keep of your villa is of great importance and therefore we can organise keeping your swimming pool in perfect condition, your gardens weed free and tidy as well as ensuring any small repair jobs are completed throughout the season. Our aim is to make managing all aspects of your holiday home as simple and stress free as possible whether it be the complete service or just one particular area we can help.

Property Services

We offer a complete pool cleaning and maintenance service from pool opening to pool closing. We understand how frustrating it is to be given nothing but excuses when your pool is not crystal clear and has been allowed to go cloudy or green. We work closely with a local pool chemical supplier to ensure we obtain the best possible prices for chemicals and parts to keep your costs down. We can also help you revitalise your pool if it has started to show signs of age and is in need of some TLC.

We can maintain your existing garden from simple to lush. With our vast experience and local knowledge we are happy to guide you into minimal maintenance garden by installing irrigation or plants more suitable for the climate. Keeping your garden in tip top condition is important for maintaining the ambiance of your property and if neglected can result in costly rectification work. A few hours every week/month spent trimming, pruning, cutting, weeding and tidying will ensure that your garden looks stunning for you and your guests throughout the summer.

We offer a complete range of maintenance services to keep your property in tiptop condition. Should you require any more specialised work undertaken then we can arrange estimates from local trusted tradesmen who we have worked with previously and who we know produce a high standard of work at realistic prices. For all the services we offer please contact us with your requirements and we can help determine the best solution with you.

Regular visits are an important part of making sure that everything runs smoothly through the rental season as well as ensuring that your property is maintained in good condition during the winter months. During the season your property is checked at the time of cleaning or prior to the Meet & Greet service. Throughout the closed season a weekly visit to check over the property can save costly repairs if problems are left unchecked.

Rental Services

Perfect Puglia provides you with all the advertising and booking procedures that you require. As well as advertising on this site we can also manage your adverts on the international villa rentals websites for you. We are happy to take all your enquires, bookings and payments through our system to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and your clients receive confirmation of their bookings as quickly and smoothly as possible. We know that speed and accuracy is of the upmost importance when booking your holiday.

We are fully aware of the high expectations of our both guests and owners so we pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and ensuring that we always deliver a 5 star service. We complete the changeover clean on departure, which makes sure any potential problems are identified early so they can be rectified as soon as possible. When your guests depart the property is checked over to ensure that if anything has been left or indeed broken then we can deal with it immediately.

Ensuring that your property is always in perfect condition for the arrival of your guests is a priority for every holiday home owner, all too often standards can be allowed to lapse resulting in disappointed customers and poor reviews. By restricting the number of properties that each of our team manage we can give every property the time that is required to constantly review and maintain the standards throughout the holiday season and through the winter if required.

Perfect Puglia aim to provide home owners and their guests with everything they need to ensure a smooth and organised rental process. Being holiday home owners ourselves we understand that it is important to know that your holiday home is being well maintained and managed to the highest standards and your guests receive the best holiday experience possible. Our team’s number one priority is consistently delivering the standards that you expect in a holiday home and providing you with a service second to none.