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The Trullo is a distictive, small, dry-stone building with a conical roof which is specific to the Itria Valley in the Italian region of Puglia. Trulli are found extensively in Alberobello and in the areas around Locorotondo, Fasano, Ostuni, Cisternino, Martina Franca and Ceglie Messapica. The word originated from a Greek word meaning cupola and was originally used as ‘Truddu’ throughtout other areas within the Salentine peninsula of Puglia. At the same time, the inhabitants of the Murgia region referred to this kind of building as a ‘Casedda’. Over time, the term ‘Trullo’ was adopted throughout the Murgia and the term is now exclusively associated with that area.

The first records of Trulli being built in Puglia date from around the 14th century. The likely reason for their design was to create housing that could be easily demolished, enabling the feudal lord to avoid paying taxes on new settlements as well as making it easy to remove unwanted tenants! Read more