Utilities and comunes

Property management isn’t just about meet and greets, gardening and swimming pools. Your management company should be able to help you with all aspects of your property as well as your personal requirements to help you ensure that having a second home over here is as stress free as possible. A visit to the comune to try and resolve problems with your TARI payments or organise your residency can be a daunting experience without someone who know what they are doing by your side.

Will your management company cover all your needs?

  • Residency applications
  • Enel upgrades and queries
  • Gas supplier changes
  • Vigilante services
  • Acquedotto services
  • IMU and Tari payments
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Property registration
  • CIS codes
  • Guest registrations
  • Planning applications
  • Illegal building resolutions
  • EU grants and schemes

Our English speaking office team are here to help and support our owners to make everything as simple as it possibly can be.

For more information contact alison@perfectpuglia.com